Dubuque Physical Therapy welcomes patients of all ages from Dubuque, IA and surrounding areas.

Whether you’re recovering from a surgical procedure, got injured on the job, or suffered a sports injury, our physical therapists are ready to help. We work closely with each client to make sure you are receiving the special attention and guidance you need for optimal recovery.

To maximize your recovery and promote healing, our knowledgeable staff may utilize any of the proven services below.

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Post-Surgical Rehab

Your specific surgical procedure and any intraoperative findings will guide the course of treatment for a post-surgical rehabilitation program at Dubuque Physical Therapy. Following your surgery, we will begin working with you to:

  • minimize swelling,
  • restore range of motion, and
  • improve muscle strength and joint function.

It’s our goal to set you up for optimal healing. We work closely with your surgeon to best serve you. We believe in the team approach to post-surgical recovery.

Blood Flow Restriction Training

Blood-flow restriction training can help patients make greater strength training gains while lifting lighter loads, thereby reducing the overall stress placed on the limb.

By applying the right amount of external pressure to an extremity, it’s possible to maintain arterial inflow while occluding venous outflow distal to the occlusion site.

At Dubuque Physical Therapy, we use “smart” cuffs to help choose the correct pressure to achieve the desired effect while maintaining patient safety.

Check out our video here for more info!

Joint, Muscle, and Nerve Issues

Our clinic provides a wide range of orthopedic and sport rehabilitation services for patients suffering from carpal tunnel, disc bulges, torn rotator cuffs, and other injuries.

We strive to help every patient move forward to be able to resume their sports and normal physical activity.

Our knowledgeable physical therapists will take the time to understand your unique case and goals in order to implement an effective plan for recovery.

Chronic and Complex Pain Conditions

One in four Americans has chronic pain.

Dubuque PT offers treatment of chronic pain by a certified Therapeutic Pain

Specialist as well as all of our staff having completed courses in management

of complex and chronic pain. Treatment is based on current research and


  • pain neuroscience education,
  • hands-on manual therapy techniques,
  • establishes goals,
  • therapeutic exercises, and
  • mindfulness exercises.

Workers’ Comp

Workers’ Comp Rehab

If you have been injured on the job and are able to receive workers’ compensation vocational rehabilitation benefits, our team at Dubuque Physical Therapy is here to help. We excel at services that support the injured worker and will coordinate with all parties involved to ensure a successful recovery.

Work Hardening/Conditioning

Our work-hardening and work -conditioning programs are designed to help injured workers return to their jobs. We utilize real and simulated work activities to restore physical, behavioral, and vocational functions. Work hardening also addresses any issues of productivity and safety.

Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE)

A functional capacity evaluation (FCE) evaluates a person’s ability to perform their work-related activities and job duties. During the process, your health and body functions are compared to the demands of the job and work environment. The main purpose of an FCE is to determine if you are capable of returning to work. Dubuque Physical Therapy completes these evaluations to help patients determine if they are ready to resume employment or find a new job following an injury.

Sports Medicine

Titleist Performance Institute Golf Screen

The Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Screen is a tool developed by Titleist and used to identify physical limitations that are preventing you from optimizing your on course abilities. The TPI screen acts as a roadmap to bridge the gap between where you are now, and where you want to be. A series of 14 golf specific movements will determine what physical limitations are likely affecting your swing. Based on years of data compiled by Titleist on everyone from PGA pros to weekend warriors, your specific TPI screen results are linked to the most likely swing faults that will affect how you strike the ball. Using this tool to optimize your motion and your ability to control it will help produce a more sound and reproducible swing.

Dubuque Physical Therapy’s Jeff Eisel, PT, DPT is the ONLY TPI Certified Expert in the Tri-State area and is offering appointments for TPI Screens at our Delhi St Location. Call 563-582-4170 to set up your TPI Screen with Jeff today!

ACL Rehab

Research supports athletes undergoing “prehab” prior to ACL reconstruction as a way to prep the body for that surgery. Our physical therapists help you minimize swelling from your injury, maximize mobility and maintain strength as much as possible so you are ready to bounce back even faster after your surgery.

Running Analysis

Are you a runner looking to improve efficiency and performance, run without pain/stiffness, or reduce pressure on structures surrounding each joint?

This series includes an evaluation by one of our running specialist Physical Therapists looking at dynamic strength and mobility, slow motion video analysis of your running mechanics and prescription of drills, strengthening and stretching exercises to improve your performance.

You would have at least one follow-up appointment to check progress, use video analysis again, and treat you with exercise, hands-on therapy, and running drills.

Our running expert therapists really enjoy helping you become the best athlete you can be!

Training to Run” and “Training to Perform” Brochure

MERGE Performance Institute

MERGE Performance Institute is located on the lower level of our JFK location. MERGE offers one-on-one and group training to take athletes and active people of all ages one step further than physical therapy!

At Dubuque PT, we have a great relationship with MERGE clients, often consulting with their Personal Trainers to give our clients the best possible care.

Specialty Areas

Musculoskeletal Ultrasound

Musculoskeletal ultrasound (also called diagnostic ultrasound) is a newer technology to help evaluate joints, muscles, ligaments and even nerves.

Clinical evidence and research support using ultrasound as the first diagnostic test for many musculoskeletal conditions including tendinitis, rotator cuff tears, bursitis and more. It offers a number of important advantages compared to X-Ray, CT and MRI, as it simply uses sonic waves, and there is no exposure to radiation.

Also, diagnostic ultrasound can look at your tissues as you move, unlike X-ray, CT scans or MRIs, in the positions that are painful to better see what structures might be involved in your pain.

By looking into your shoulder using MSK Ultrasound, we can actually see your pain. Non-invasive and 100% natural. And best of all, we — and you! — can see your issues in real-time!


Several of our physical therapists have completed extra training in treating clients with dizziness. These therapists specialize in helping patients improve their balance and reduce problems associated with dizziness. Additional symptoms that can benefit from vestibular rehabilitation include neck stiffness, headaches, blurry or double vision with head movements, vertigo or spinning, and more. The goal of every treatment plan is to reduce any issues and improve your ability to carry out daily activities through various types of exercises.

Pelvic Health

Dubuque Physical Therapy Specialty Clinic is pleased to offer Pelvic Health Physical Therapy provided by one of our therapists, Anne Kruse, PT, DPT, Therapeutic Pain Specialist, Cert. MDT. Pelvic health physical therapy is offered to women, men and children who have bowel and/or bladder issues, pelvic pain, and sexual function issues. Treatments may incorporate: education on dietary intake, bowel and bladder function, relaxation techniques, exercises to increase motion of spine/hips, strengthening and stabilization exercises, soft tissue mobilization of gluteals, abdomen, back, legs and groin and internal vaginal or rectal assessment and treatment.

Massage Therapy

Dubuque Physical Therapy has a licensed massage therapist Holly Hendricks, LMT, on staff who offers 30 and 60 minute massages in a private treatment area. These services are cash based and not billable to insurance.

60 minute full body massage – Swedish based and can be easily individualized to meet each clients needs. It can be booked in addition to physical therapy or as a stand alone service. Deep tissue work and cupping is available at no additional charge. Cost: $65

30 minute massage – Designed to provide relaxation as well as general release of tight muscles.   It is easily individualized to meet each clients needs and focus on your problem areas. It can be booked in addition to physical therapy or as a stand alone service. Deep tissue work and cupping can be added to your session at no additional cost. Cost: $35


We now have the capabilities of performing telehealth visits with our patients. If your child is home sick and can’t leave the house, or if there is a snowstorm and you don’t want to brave the roads, telehealth appointments are a great way to connect with your therapist so you don’t get behind on your progress. You would still be able to talk with your therapist, ask questions, review and progress exercises, and progress your home program from home via video conference.

We use a secure, HIPAA-compliant portal so all of your information stays between you and your therapist.