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What Our Patients Say About Us

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“Dubuque PT is THE place to receive your physical therapy. I just completed a series of treatment with therapist Anne Kruse. What a knowledgeable, kind and encouraging person she is! Working together we made great progress. Now to continue with the exercises she introduced to maintain my gain. My thanks to Anne and the staff at Dubuque PT for their attentive care.”

Shannon K

“Everything about my experience with Dubuque PT was fantastic. I have had back pain for over 12 years, and have sought treatment from a number of providers with no luck. Laura helped provide immediate relief, as well as a plan to correct the issue long-term. Highly recommend Dubuque PT and Laura to everyone!”

Derek M

“I was in search of a massage therapist and had been referred to Holly Hendricks at Dubuque PT. I have had several massage sessions with Holly which were all wonderful and beneficial. She is attuned to my particular areas of discomfort and needs. Holly puts you at ease and has a great sense of humor. She has been a bright light with my care. The workers in the office are friendly and the office is always clean and bright.”

Jane N

“The staff is amazing. From the moment I walk in until the last rep, they are engaged and striving to help and push me to the next level. I would recommend Dubuque Physical Therapy to anyone in need of their services.”

Travis K

“Their staff made coming to therapy a pleasant experience by getting to know me and developing a plan to get my knee back in shape. I’m very happy with the results. Thanks Jeremy and all the staff at Dubuque Physical Therapy!!”

Mark H

“Excellent, personalized physical therapy care. Very nice facility. Everyone is friendly when I visit.”

Kristen B

“Since I have been going to DPT the last four months, I have been making improvements I didn’t think I would have been able to make. My therapist has been doing a great job of figuring out what I need to do to help me. Everyone there is very polite and helpful. I look forward to the next session to see what he will challenge me with. I would recommend DPT to anyone in need of PT to get back up and going again. A big thanks to them for what they do.”

Jesse K

“I was struggling with shoulder, neck and back pain from an old injury and having trouble lifting.  I was doing dry needling therapy but decided to transition to massage and cupping therapy to keep my muscles fluid. That is when I met Holly, she is truly amazing!!!  She consults on each visit, very personable and makes you feel at ease.  There’s nights where I don’t sleep due to the pain, and after a cupping/massage session, I  have the best night of sleep.  Honestly, Holly delivers and you will not be disappointed.”

Stacy T

“I love it there! Jeff has been helping me for a few weeks with a pinched nerve that I have in my neck. It’s something I let go way too long because I was worried it was something more than what it was. He’s got me moving better, he’s helping me strengthen my neck, and he’s helping me be more aware of my posture. It’s a friendly atmosphere that I enjoy going to.”

Chad S

“The staff is very friendly and helpful. They really put you first.”

Louanne S

“I’ve had quite the year, with two different injuries. My first experience at Dubuque Physical Therapy was so positive I decided to go back. The clinicians and staff are welcoming, knowledgeable, and friendly. I would definitely recommend!”

Kara S

“I had a fantastic therapist and helpers. Everyone is friendly and truly cares for my healing. I recommend anyone to try them if you need physical therapy.”

Nikki M

“Started therapy with Laura a couple weeks ago and could not be more impressed. Everyone in the building seems happy to be there and good at what they do. Five stars.”

Barry C

“I suffer from chronic shoulder pain that effects my ability to sleep at night.  My best description is she has attacked my pain with massage therapy and cupping therapy.   Holly is a highly motivated individual that brings her training and caring to each session!  She has helped me increase my flexibility, control my pain and increase my ability to sleep! I would recommend her to anyone that needs help!”

Brian B

“Just returned from seeing my surgeon in Iowa City, one of U of I’s best trauma fracture specialists. In his words, “I’m impressed with your physical therapist, you are a lot further along than I expected.” From the front desk to therapists, Dubuque Physical Therapy is a class act. I highly recommend the team at the Delhi location. Thanks, Jeremy and friends!”

Paul A

“My experience was very positive! Ben and the staff there were very supportive and helped me with an injury to my foot. They gave me the tools I need to continue making progress at home. So glad that I chose DPT for my therapy and would highly recommend them to anyone.”

Jane S

“Best experience ever! Amanda kept me positive throughout my lengthy physical therapy journey after my shoulder replacement surgery. I always looked forward to my therapy sessions.”

Tamara G

“Holly always greets me with a smile and shows deep concern for the issues I’m having.  I suffer from chronic shoulder pain due to arthritis and the terrible pain that has become a constant in my life.  I look forward to my weekly massage with her because she is so motivated in helping me have more flexibility and that I can control pain and sleep better at night.  Holly has also shown me stretching exercises to help on a daily basis.  I would highly recommend making an appointment with Holly.  You won’t find a more motivated, caring person to help you enjoy your daily life without pain again!”

Sheila T

“I would go nowhere else to get PT work done. From Alyssa at the front desk on Asbury to Bev and the entire staff, and all the PTs, this is a great group of professionals! Talented, smart and kind; a wonderful PT practice.”

Kelley D

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