(Used with permission from The American Physical Therapy Association, July 2021) During the COVID-19 pandemic, activity levels dropped for a lot of people. Between stay at home orders, gym closures and working from home, people became more sedentary. On top of that, there were shortages of equipment like dumbbells and bicycles, making staying active at […]
Written by Anne Kruse, PT, DPT, Therapeutic Pain Specialist, Cert. MDT As I reflect on my own physical fitness over the years I am amazed at how true what I learned years ago in school really is. One of the phrases I have heard and now use is: “If you don’t use it, you lose […]
Written by Ashley Wood, PT, MPT It is probably not news to many of you that sleep dysfunction has become a major problem in our country.  The CDC has reported that 70 million Americans have extreme sleep problems while almost 50% of Americans feel sleepy during the day, at least three days out of the […]
Written by Ben Fern, PT, MPT Anyone who visits a physical therapist knows that you leave with homework. In the PT world, we call this a Home Exercise Program (HEP). Success with injuries oftentimes relies heavily on how well our patients comply with their HEP. Today I want to give each of my readers a […]
  Written by Jeremy Jordan, PT, DPT, ATC, CSCS Living in the Midwest often presents challenges for the “fair weather” runners. As spring/summer approaches many individuals have an increased desire to begin returning to a more active lifestyle, which oftentimes includes running. After a long Iowa winter, it is important to prepare your body to […]
Written by Natalie Krug Wierda, PT, DPT Stress, anxiety, depression & other mental health issues have no doubt been hot topics over the last year in our Covid-19 world. There is overwhelming evidence that exercise can help to overcome some of those feelings. Most people already know this but still fail to put themselves first […]